New online voter registration tool helps your students make an impact.

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Ready, Set, Vote With the Online Voter Registration Drive

The 2020 election is right around the corner, and your students are fired up and ready to get involved in every way possible. NASSP just announced a new national partnership with, a digital platform creating real-world impact, to give your students a powerful new tool for action: the Online Voter Registration Drive (OVRD).

How does it work?

OVRD takes the idea of running a voter registration booth and makes it completely virtual—a critical civic engagement need during COVID-19. Each student can create a personalized digital voter registration page, and share it with eligible students, community members, and beyond. They can then track their progress with real-time performance metrics.

All you have to do is share this email with your students, and the DoSomething team will handle supporting them and guiding them through the process.

What if my students aren’t eligible to vote this year?

While many of your students may not be able to register themselves, they can still make a difference with the OVRD by inviting others to exercise their civic responsibility and take part in the upcoming elections. And although there are many voter registration tools available, NASSP highly endorses DoSomething’s OVRD platform for its user-friendly experience, at-a-glance data tracking, and powerful mission statement.


Wondering where to begin? Here are three easy ways you can share this powerful tool with your students and staff and encourage them to start virtually registering voters:

  1. Forward the OVRD tool to all of your faculty, including civics teachers, student government advisers, and other staff who coordinate with students on voter registration efforts.
  2. Include a blurb in your next schoolwide communication/newsletter.
  3. Announce it on your school's social media accounts.



Share this fantastic resource with your students and teachers today, and encourage them to lead their very own voter registration drive!